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Ignite Greatness with Our Subscription for Boys! This monthly subscription will be curated with swag for boys. It will include things for them to celebrate themselves and the skin they are in because #diversitymatters and too often our sons are left feeling unrepresented. Let the little King in your life feel thought of with this joy filled swag pack.
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King Swag Pack

A monthly pack for your king. Filled with items that will bring joy as well as uplift and encourage him. It's time he felt seen and represented.

At King Swag, our mission is clear: to empower boys of diverse ethnic backgrounds through our monthly swag box. We exist to:

  • Celebrate Diversity: Our swag box reflects the rich tapestry of BIPOC cultures.
  • Foster Confidence: We boost self-assurance through inspirational products.
  • Nurture Learning: We provide educational resources and encourage knowledge.
  • Build Community: Our box fosters a sense of belonging and connection.
  • Advocate for Change: A portion of proceeds supports equality initiatives.

Join us in this journey to uplift and inspire BIPOC boys. Subscribe now and be a part of positive change, one swag box at a time.